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Prejuvenation Packages

Enjoy 10% discount on products, and any treatment not included in the package

  • Ruby: $225 and $75 per month.  Includes ONE area of Dysport every 3 months, and THREE Sublime treatments in a year.  Valued at $1,600
  • Emerald: $635 and $150 per month.  Includes THREE areas of Dysport every 3 months, and THREE Sublime treatments a year.  Valued at $3,600
  • Saphire: $1,100 and $250 per month. Includes THREE areas of Dysport every 3 months, TWO syringes of dermal filler/yr, THREE sublime/sublative combo per year. Valued at $5,650

*One touch up visit included 1-2 weeks after Dysport

**You will receive your treatment plan schedule, not all services can be done in the first visit

Rejuvenation Protocols

  • Excellence Lift: Scar-less, non-surgical face-lifting rejuvenation. 
  • Eyeshadow Peel: smoother, tighter eyelid skin without surgery.
  • Shed-the-years away: Full face and neck resurfacing
  • The Tulips: Kiss those lip lines good bye with a combo treatment of resurfacing and dermal filler
  • The Game Changer: Near surgical face-lifting results, without the tell-tale signs of surgery.  Profound, CO2 resurfacing, sculpra x 3, monthly sublime. 
  • "Say Hello to my Little Friend": Facial scar treatment with eTwo (package of 3)
  • Double Trouble: Profound treatment to the neck addressing fat and skin laxity
  • The Contender: Full body profound treatment to address stubborn small fat pockets and loose skin.  Ideal for those that work out but can't get rid of the smal pudge.
  • Cheeky like Chrissy: Cheek augmentation with dermal fillers

Undivided Attention

Every CONCIERGE KEY member has direct access to Dr. Victoria and/or her team, 7 days a week, from 9AM to 5PM to answer any questions that may arise


Product Price List

CONCIERGE Key Holders receive 10% discount on all products